Our Story

About Zay Handwoven Bags

We create simply beautiful vibrant handwoven bags that will make you feel happy using them, because of their design, utility and strength.

Foremost they are designed to have a utility; all our handwoven bags stand on their own, allowing you to always find what you need. Due to this aspect it will become your 'take-with-you-everyday.' It's easy to clean and fully recyclable.

The material used is shipping tape, it's incredibly strong, enabling your Zay Bag to be reused hundreds of times. They carry a heavy load without even buckling.

Our Willow range is made from used up-cycled shipping tape and the other ranges can have up-cycled components. For our other bags we use the strongest highest-quality materials to ensure our our bags will last for years.

We are constantly working towards increasing our use of recycled products. Zay bags are fully recyclable. We will pay for and organise shipping of any used goods to be returned to ensure they are recycled correctly.

They are beautifully handwoven by the most skillful weavers. The colours are a wild mix of vibrant combinations and there is one that will suit any lifestyle. Every bag has its own beauty and is a one of a kind piece. We hope you enjoy using them, as we much as we enjoy creating them.